Parzival just did a press release

Iran, Tehran: Dear People of the World,

As I was born near the place I am standing right now, I have read in some newspapers that the world is a beautiful place. So I have decided to embark a journey to see how it look likes.

After considerable amount of thinking now I am sure and confident what I need to start:
(1) I have a pair of shoes, that are clean and somehow polished.
(2) This morning I ate my breakfast in full, so I have the energy required for a considerable amount of time.
(3) I have a beating heart in my chest motivating my steps. So I have no doubt.

I am all in love and ready. So please prepare my stay and all your hospitality.

PS: I am also carrying entertainment things by myselfl like my guitar and cards. There will be fun!

Yours truly,
Salim Ghazi Saeedi