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Musings on Khayyam Neyshabouri Poetry

Screenshot_20161021-050616Kambiz Dara and Reza Forghani are phenomenal improvisors that I had the privilege to perform with in a Persian literature gathering in Griffith University, Brisbane held by Shahab (Brisbane art and cultural nights in Persian). I am no expert on middle eastern music but I have always liked to adopt the tradition of deep and long improvisations on solo instruments, the way they have done for hundreds of years; a phenomenon that I have found non-existent in electric guitar. These are musings on a Khayyam Neyshabouri poems with Kambiz on piano and Reza on vocals and me on electric guitar.


Asking your permission to walk

Dear presidents, leaders, prime ministers, kings and queens of the world,
Dear governments of the world,

As a human being who has been born a few years ago as a naked and innocent boy,
who also loves the arts and enjoys the days,
I would be thankful if you grant me the permission to walk.
I ask so because I heard in the news that you own some parts of the world.

You may reach me at

Thanks in advance,
Salim Ghazi Saeedi


Parzival just did a press release

Iran, Tehran: Dear People of the World,

As I was born near the place I am standing right now, I have read in some newspapers that the world is a beautiful place. So I have decided to embark a journey to see how it look likes.

After considerable amount of thinking now I am sure and confident what I need to start:
(1) I have a pair of shoes, that are clean and somehow polished.
(2) This morning I ate my breakfast in full, so I have the energy required for a considerable amount of time.
(3) I have a beating heart in my chest motivating my steps. So I have no doubt.

I am all in love and ready. So please prepare my stay and all your hospitality.

PS: I am also carrying entertainment things by myselfl like my guitar and cards. There will be fun!

Yours truly,
Salim Ghazi Saeedi


No Country For a Young Man

I declare that I have no country.

I was born in Iran.
I have always adored English and American music culture.
I die for Arabian belly dance.
As a composer I have been mostly compared to Belgian bands.
For no apparent reason I am strongly attracted to Japanese culture.
For more non-apparent reasons I have always been hypnotized by movies and stories revolving Germany and World War II.
My website is available in English, Spanish, Romanian, Japanese, German, Dutch, Italian, French, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Slovenian and Turkish.

I declare that I have no country.
Sometimes I feel a little lonely about it. But looking at the map and seeing so many country names there, reminds me of million eyes ready to reflect the world within their owners’ minds…

Having millions of worlds inside, is human being in need of having a country at all? I seriously doubt that…


In Between Doing and Undoing

There is an urge for doing and there is an urge for undoing. I feel like composing music when these two meet.

memo poetry

Pictorial Rock

I dream… and dream… and dream…
I live in my world of fantasy.
Walking in this world, I compose as I hear, and rest as I quiet.

Pictorial rock is a term I use for my music that is usually based on series of mental images, a nightmare or maybe dreams of a sound sleep… As a listener, you have to wait for the pictures to materialize in your mind!

Some critiques have compared my sound to Univers Zero, Art Zoyd, John Zorn, Patrick O’Hearn, Mike Oldfield, Sufjan Stevens and The Enid. Harmonie Magazine #70 compares my guitar playing with Robert Fripp’s. (View full review list here)

I have composed five albums and critiques call them titles ranging from progressive metal and fusion to avant-garde classical chamber and progressive electronic rock. I prefer to use “Pictorial Rock”.

I was born on Earth, Saturday, July 18, 1981 at UTC 20:50:00 at 35°42’40.08″N 51°24’10.61″E.

This blog is under a subsidiary of my official website,

– Salim Ghazi Saeedi