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Performing Persian Music Microtones on Electric Guitar

Persian Music Microtones LessonIran, Tehran– Salim Ghazi Saeedi is an Iranian musician, mostly known as an avant-prog and Rock in Opposition genre composer. In his 6th album, namoWoman, Salim incorporated Persian music microtones on electric guitar and now he has published an instructional article revealing his playing secrets. This is the second article he publishes in his website’s “lesson” section on Persian music subject following “Persian Modes: Reading Between the Lines of Western Music”.

Salim says: “As I have visually shown in my previous article on my website about the relation of Persian music scales to western scales, Persian music quarter tones are connecting dots between different fundamental tetrachords in western music. For playing them on electric guitar I came across a special technique that is practical on Floyd Rose bridge electric guitars that makes me able to change any desired note to a quarter tone without causing any interruption in course of normal playing, vibrating, bending or other techniques”.

Performing Persian Music Microtones on Electric Guitar is a free lesson published in lesson section of Salim’s website accompanying sample sheet music and video: