lƎabEl Conlang  

Worlds are constructed by words of Gods - i.e. Logos.
Salim Ghazi Saeedi's world has its own language, lƎabEl (pronounced babel) - a constructed language Salim introduced along with his  2012 music album, namoWoman.

lƎabEl looks like this:


hello/bye our/your friend/foe!
our/your world/void maybe in/out your/our chest/genitals.
this/that maybe the/nil word/peace of balance/kaos.
nay/aye good/evil. maybe man/woman.
all/none way/abyss: false/true. all/none idea/illusion: false/true.
maybe you/I. our/your love/fear... our/your life/death... our/your man/woman.
I/you embrace/abandon you/I. I/you sleep/wake in/out I/you and/nor die/live in/out I/you.

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(C) Salim Ghazi Saeedi 2010-2011