one. During the term (as set forth in the Service Order Form) of this Agreement and subject to the terms of this Agreement, IEVOLVE will make available to the Customer the collection, connectivity and related services (the “Services”). The services are provided in accordance with IEVOLVE`s policies and specifications and, unless otherwise stated, are provided in the co-location space and under the direction of the customer. (c) Cooperation: ColoHouse cooperates in good faith with the Customer in order to minimize the interruption of services for the Customer as a result of a relocation pursuant to this Section 12. ColoHouse is responsible for the cost of improving the relocated customer base, transferring the customer equipment used to access the computer network, and, when moving to a new data center, the cost of transporting the customer equipment to the new data center. “colocation services” means any service that ColoHouse makes available to the customer in accordance with the service orders executed by the customer. d. IEVOLVE customers are prohibited from providing hosting services for the websites included in UBE/UCE. Hosting includes, but is not limited to, website hosting, provision of DNS services as well as website bypass services. has. Customer equipment.

Subject to the terms of this Agreement, which begins with the service date requested in the Service Form and is subject to IEVOLVE`s approval, IEVOLVE agrees to allow Customer to place certain devices not provided to Customer by IEVOLVE (the “Customer Equipment”) in the co-location space at 501 John James Audubon Parkway, Amherst, New York 14228 (the “Premises”). The customer`s right to occupy the co-location space begins with the requested service date mentioned on the service order form or the date on which IEVOLVE completes the extension of the premises, depending on the later date. The rights granted under this Section 1(a) are subject to the terms of an underlying lease or other higher right by which IEVOLVE has acquired its interest in the premises. The customer agrees that this agreement does not grant the customer any ownership rights over the premises. However, in the event that this agreement is established by an IEVOLVE lessor to grant property rights on a premise, the customer undertakes either to obtain the agreement of the IEVOLVE lessor and, if necessary, to conclude an agreement approved by the IEVOLVE lessor or, at IEVOLVE`s request, to immediately remove its customer equipment from the premises. The customer is responsible for the payment of any fees or charges collected by the owner of the IEVOLVE as a prerequisite for granting his consent. It is understood and agreed that the customer does not have the right to make design changes or substantial modifications to the interior or exterior parts of the site outside the customer`s area, including suppliers of wiring or electricity for the customer`s equipment, without obtaining the prior written consent of T3, whose authorization cannot be inappropriately refused. T3 reserves the right to make and manage changes to the construction or material within the space or premises at T3`s usual rates for such services, in accordance with the commercial services contract.