The agreement represents all the agreements between the parties. Any amendment to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties. If any provision of this Agreement is invalidated, the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in force and effect. All of these services end up freeing up your time as the main photographer to capture your clients and VIPs (family and friends). Instead of stretching out too thin, you should rent a second shooter to relieve the stress that comes with photographing a wedding alone and allow you to focus your efforts on more creative, meaningful images. If you need more persuasiveness, read why we think it is absolutely necessary to rent a second shooter. This photo contract form allows your customers to book a session, sign the agreement and submit it online. You can make a photo contract available to your customers via this simple photo session contract. This photo contract allows photographers to have their clients sign, before the start of the photo session, a contract offering your clients coverage of the photograph, payment terms and agreements. NOTE: The advice in this article and the standard contract that accompanies it is based on my experience as a professional photographer and does not constitute legal advice. While the principles discussed are widespread, each jurisdiction is different and you should consult a local lawyer for specific legal advice. – JJG Second Shooters is someone who supports you like a secondary shooter during a session or wedding. Ideally, you and your second photographer should be able to consider this contract as a mere formality.

If you can`t, you may not be fair to the other. But if you can, you could both be on the path to a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Honest and open communication of expectations is an important one-way street. No one wants to train a new second photographer every time an event takes place. You want someone in your corner to do your back and know how to do things. While you love and respect your second photographer, you both need to come to the same page and make sure you meet reasonable expectations, especially and especially when it comes to ownership of the photos. 8. CONFIDENTIALITY: The Contractor understands that all materials, price lists, contracts, financial documents, agreements and other information or documents made available to it as part of its designation mandates are the exclusive property of Catherine Milliron Photography and are privileged and confidential information.