Since exclusive distributors usually have large sums to pay for the products, the manufacturer`s liquidity situation is improved by distributors` payments for the storage of the product. A similar pattern is observed in many different industries. Even in the industrial machinery segment, exclusive distribution is often outsourced to dealers who can sell well and have good relationships in the local market and can focus more than competitors on selling the brand. Rolex welcomes the result of the appointment of an exclusive dealer. Therefore, he decides to do the same with a second region. This time, however, Rolex has the option of keeping the first exclusive dealership for the previous region or naming another one for the new region. Control – Since the exclusive distribution itself depends on the company, the company is in control. In addition to sales, the company can focus on marketing and promotional activities to increase brand appeal. The use of exclusive distributors is also used in the industrial machinery segment. Often, exclusive distribution is assigned to distributors who are efficient sales units and are effectively connected to the local market. These distributors are usually able to focus more on selling the brand than the company`s competitors. Availability – A key feature of exclusive dealers is that they are financially able to store a large amount of inventory.

As a result, the material is easily accessible to wholesalers and wholesalers and therefore distribution is increased. Trust – As can be seen in the benefits mentioned above, we have mentioned the word “trust” several times. .