If you wish to terminate all rights to a fixed-term rental agreement as soon as the rental agreement expires, you must terminate it correctly before the expiry of the term of the rental agreement, in accordance with local law. The lessor can deduct from the deposit if the lease ends and the tenant owes money to the lessor for either unpaid rent or damage to the premises. As a general rule, the owner cannot remove appropriate “wear” on the site (i.e. wear and tear due solely to the dwelling on the premises). The owner can shoot for stains on the carpet or boards, large holes in the wall and missing appliances and other things that are beyond proper wear. It is a provision of a housing rental agreement that a lessor cannot refuse to inappropriately agree to modify or supplement the premises necessary to ensure the provision of mandatory infrastructure or services [s 70 (1a)]. If the potential tenant makes a payment, he agrees to sign a lease at a later date.