Before you create your project, you must accept the licensing agreements and complete the installation of the missing components with android Studio SDK Manager. The way license agreements on the order line are accepted has changed. You can use the SDK manager at: $ANDROID-SDK-ROOT/tools/ I had also updated via the command line, and I guess the Android SDK manager has a more comprehensive way to solve dependencies, including the license. If you have accepted licensing agreements on one workstation, but if you want to create your projects on another, you can export your licenses by copying the “Licenses Accepted” folder from the Android Sdk Home folder (this should be in /Licences) of your current desktop, in the Sdk Home Android directory of the computer on which you want to create your projects. For those who have problems with the SDK command line, the reason it won`t find the licenses you`ve accepted is because they were written in a different location than $ANDROID-HOME/licenses where they need to be. Thank you guys, it worked. But in my env sdkmanager –update fails. So here`s my quick hack work… running: yes | sdkmanager –licenses — run: yes | sdkmanager –update || Exit 0 Which doesn`t mean it works if you haven`t installed Android tools yet and you`ve already accepted the latest licenses.

You can accept the entire license by running the following command: this creates the necessary files in the license directory. The problem is probably related to the use of BufferedReader in Java The utility sdk manager guides you through licenses that need to be accepted. If you | sdkmanager –licenses, then we print the content of $ANDROID-HOME/licenses/android-sdk-license, works on certain systems. It`s not going to work for everyone. Some SDK installations expect the license file to end without a new line in the file, so try adding a -n to the Echo command. To accept SDK 26.0.2 licenses from Android SDK, you must $ANDROID-HOME/bin/sdkmanager –licenses –sdk_root-$ANDROID-HOME Hello I have it updated (version 26.1.1) I just checked for updates and is the last version. How do you check licensing agreements?? I installed the Android studio, and tried to google the answer, and can`t find the answer. I also installed the 5.0 platform (Marshmellow) which has my phone and get the same error. This is much more flexible and does not require manual intervention.