The gagable contracts may be part of a transaction agreement between two parties. In 2011, in the state of Pennsylvania, a lifetime gag order to discuss hydraulic fracturing was agreed by a family as part of its agreement with oil and gas drilling company Range Resources. A lawyer for Range Resources testified in court that the gag order was not only for adults in the family, but also for children aged seven and ten, and that the company intended to impose it. [41] [nb 1] Please also consider the potential risk of asphyxiation when wearing full-headed masks and gagging. Do you have any comments on our online dictionaries? Legend has it that her owner sentenced her to silence for life, limited in an iron gag. It has been speculated that the MCA could put a gag order on its press releases before they are made available to the public to “ensure maximum efficiency.” Such publications should be approved by the President. [17] These allegations in the media were later disputed. [18] [dead link] According to WikiLeaks, “between January and September 2009, 10 secret gag orders, called “super injunctions,” were distributed to the Guardian. In 2008, six paper was served. In 2007, five. [25] The gag itself is made of steel and has an opening about 4cm in diameter.

Inside, the gag is covered in rubber. Then he gives her a knife and advises her to do it quickly. In the summer of 2014, WikiLeaks revealed the existence of an Australian gag order issued on June 19 by the Supreme Court of Victoria to block coverage of corruption allegations involving several international political leaders in the region. [5] In late 2009, Israel issued a gag order against the Israeli media for reporting facts concerning the Anat Kamm-Uri-Blau case. The gag order was eventually widely criticized and made public, as details of the case were reported abroad. The scandal involved Israeli defence documents that suggested that the army had carried out extrajudicial killings. [14] After the 2008 Mumbai bombings, which were broadcast live from the event, the Indian government proposed a bill that would gag media that would broadcast live images during a terrorist event or war to ensure the safety of hostages and protect security operations from obstacles. This has been rejected by the Indian media, which claim that they have adopted “self-regulation” at such events and that they refrain from doing so anyway.

It is not clear whether the bill will pass. [12] The gag orders for the protection of the privacy of convicted child killers such as Mary Bell, Jon Venables and David McGreavy, to protect them from reprisals, have also been controversial because of public concerns about the inability to avoid these individuals and to protect families and other children from victims of the damage they cause. [19] [27] .