In addition, the Company may also have entered into agreements that impose negative obligations on the company that limit the issuance of additional shares (for example. B the agreement of a lender may be necessary to increase the share capital issued by the company). A share subscription agreement is a legal document that directly covers the purchase of new shares from a company and describes the exact nature and number of shares and the amount to be paid. The document also states that the shares should be registered with the buyer and that a certificate should be issued accordingly. This document is kept in the company for its registrations. We also sell a simple share subscription contract for simple transactions that do not require the guarantees that other documents have. When approving the “financial support” that allows an individual to subscribe to the shares, the company`s directors must apply the solvency and liquidity test, ensure that the terms of financial assistance to the company are fair and reasonable, and that “financial support” is not at odds with the MOI. This agreement provides the subscriber with the same protection you would expect if the entire business was purchased directly. You have the advantage of 131 guarantees (minus what you want to edit). The reduction in the penalty due is calculated using a simple and flexible formula. In addition, it should be remembered that financial assistance and the issuance of shares also relate to a situation in which a company provides financial support to a person who provides financial support to a person who provides a stake in a company related to or related to financial assistance. If there is no new issue and the purchaser acquires the shares of an existing shareholder, a share purchase agreement is more appropriate.

It is precisely in small and medium-sized enterprises that the issuance of shares is often done without a plan, without taking into account the right process or the possible consequences. A “simple agreement on future capital” has been created to easily replace convertible bonds.