(i) program qualifications. Programs that have a program-wide requirement and governance process for deviations from federally negotiated indirect cost rates may be eligible for program waiver authorization. If a Grantee/Contractor already has indirect costs negotiated with the USG. Because it is difficult for a federal agency to determine the indirect costs of completing a program or project. (2) The basis for the modified total direct cost (MTDC) in cases where the recipient does not have an indirect cost allocation agreement negotiated by the federal government or with prior authorization from the public procurement office or office, where the basis for the indirect cost agreement of the recipient negotiated by the federal government is only a part of the MTDC (for example. (B) and that the use of the MTDC always results in an overall reduction in overall indirect costs. MTDC is the base defined by 2 CFR 200.68, Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC). DESCRIPTION – An interim rate is an interim rate set for a specified period to allow financing, execution and reporting of indirect costs until a permanent rate is set for that period. (5) Indirect costs not covered. Under 2 CFR 200.405, indirect costs that are not recovered due to discrepancies with the federally negotiated rate are not allowed to be recovered in any other way.

(d) in cases where the recipient does not agree on the indirect cost rate negotiated by the federal government, DOI does not use a modified rate on the basis of the total direct cost or other basis that is not set in the indirect costs agreement negotiated by the federal government or within 2 CFR 200.68. A document published to reflect an estimate of the indirect cost rate negotiated between the federal government and the organization of a Grantee/Contractor, which reflects the indirect costs (facilitations and administrative costs) and incidental costs incurred by the organization and which will be the same in all U.S. agencies. DESCRIPTION – A pre-defined rate is a permanent rate set for a set future period based on a review of the actual costs of a previous period. These rates are only subject to correction in very unusual circumstances. (a) This section sets out guidelines, procedures and decision criteria for the use of an indirect cost rate different from the negotiated rate or the authorized rate for the non-federal company`s DOI premiums.