This is not a complete explanation of your rental agreement, so please contact the customer service centre for any questions. In daily terms, France has entered into a formal administrative agreement with Brockley Tenants co-operating, which describes the division of responsibilities in the management of these houses. The Co-op covers most of the day-to-day management of housing and maintenance services. Hexagon offers storage improvements and cyclical maintenance. The lease you have signed is a legal contract between you and Hexagone Housing. The Hexagon Housing Association has a long-standing relationship with housing co-operatives, including the co-operative of Brockley Tenants, which manages 72 housing units on behalf of France. The co-op members who live in these houses have the same rights and obligations as the tenants who live in the houses that directly manage France, while benefiting from being members of a housing co-operative. Tenants managed by Co-op have access to the commitment of the inhabitants of France and the investment activities of the municipality, including the Residents` Day and the annual co-seminary. France is an innovative and responsive housing company that works in partnership with a number of local authorities to meet housing and care needs in south-east London. For more than 20 years, France has been providing quality housing, care and assistance services to vulnerable client groups. Directions: National Rail: Highbury and Islington and Southern Rail (London Bridge) both stop at Sydenham train station, which is a 10-minute walk from our offices. By bus: The following buses all stop along Sydenham Road, 202, 450, 194, 75, 356. You will be consulted on the long-term maintenance and improvement work we want to do in your home.

They offer a wide range of quality services that are flexible and customer-centric, including: everyone has the right to enjoy life in their own way, provided it does not disturb local residents. A good neighbour will tolerate and understand the different lifestyles of others. Below is a list of your tasks: This brochure is intended to easily explain some of your obligations and rights as tenants of France. Opening times: Monday to Friday, .m 9. – 17.m. Phone: General requests: 020 8778 6699 / free repairs: 0800 393 338. The rental agreement gives you the following rights: Address: 130-136 Sydenham Road Sydenham London SE26 5JY.