LANGLEY, England– – (BUSINESS WIRE)-IRIS Software Group, today announced that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire FMP Global, a leading payroll and personnel services company for international and UK small and medium-sized enterprises. Parts of the website or content made available on or on the site May include rules, policies, licensing agreements, user agreements or other terms that apply to your access or use of that area of the website or content (including the conditions applicable to a company or another organization and its users). In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between terms of use and rules, rules, licensing agreements, user agreements or other terms of use of a part of the Site or certain content, this priority is given to your access and use of this area of the Site or Content. In this case, F.M.P. must agree to the insurance of the work of art, for example. B transport or warehouse insurance, based on a written agreement specifying the amount of insurance and the risks to be insured. If in doubt, F.M.P. decides the nature and extent of the insurance and concludes it on market terms. F.M.P.

is entitled to separate compensation and compensation for their expenses in return for the organization of insurance coverage. 7.3. Contractual claims submitted to the agreement and related non-contractual rights are only accounted for and withheld with undisputed and payable counter-rights to the payment. The terms and conditions of the art contract take into account the usual practices for the transport and handling of art and antiques, exhibitions, collections and similar objects (hereinafter: works of art) as they relate to the F.M.P. Art Logistics UG (Limited Responsibility). All orders, including from private customers, are executed by F.M.P. Art Logistics UG (Limited Liability) (hereafter F.M.P.) only on the basis of the following agreements. These contractual terms also apply to all future contracts, even if they are not again expressly agreed.

Derogations from the contract are subject to written form. Pratt and Whitney Canada announced today that it has signed a® ™ fleet management program with Avianca, one of Latin America`s leading airlines and the world`s second oldest airline, to maintain its fleet of ATR72-600 aircraft. The FMP plan is an all-inclusive long-term engine maintenance plan that includes the introduction of P-WC`s FAST™ solution for advanced forecasters for Avianca`s PW127N fleet. The combination of the FMP plan and the FAST technology of P-WC creates a complete solution for the health management of engines and data-controlled aircraft. P-WC is a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX). 1.1.