b) the replacement value of a possible soil improvement; (4) Interests or rights on First Nation lands held when land law came into force by members of the First Nation in accordance with the remits in paragraph 20, paragraph 1 of Indian law or according to First Nation practices, are governed by the provisions of the basic code governing the transfer and rental of first nation interests or rights on land and the sharing of revenues from First Nation natural resources. (l) procedures for authorizing an exchange of First Nation countries; 3. On the effective date of the fundamental order of a First Nation, Her Majesty`s rights and obligations as a surrenderer with respect to the interests or rights and licences described in the First Nation`s particular agreement are transferred to the First Nation in accordance with this Agreement. (2) Her Majesty is not responsible for all that has been done or omitted with respect to the management of the revenue money or capital money that has been made or omitted by the First Nation or by any person or entity authorized by the First Nation to act with respect to these funds. (e) any negative effect on any cultural or other special value of the country for the First Nation; and (3.1) Where a First Nation, in accordance with another act of Parliament, has passed laws or statutes that have enacted laws or statutes to enforce the local taxation of reserve lands, interests or rights in reserve areas or rights of occupation, detention or use of reserve areas , the First Nation may use the enforcement measures set out in these laws or statutes. to obtain payment of a sum that will be paid by the First Nation under its original laws. or its basic order. (c) procedures governing the transfer of interest or right to First Nation property by way of a will or estate order; 2. The examiner determines all disputes that arise between a First Nation and the Minister prior to the entry into force of a land code concerning the conditions of land transfer or the exclusion of part of a reserve or land disused by the application of a soil code. (a) set the minimum percentage of eligible voters who must participate in a vote in order to approve the land use proposal and individual agreement; and (3) A certified ground regulation is considered valid by the First Nation. 2. The examiner immediately sends a copy of the certified land regulations to the First Nation and the Minister. 2.

The First Nation Council informs First Nation members, at least 30 days prior to the amendment of the individual agreement, of the Council`s intention to amend the individual agreement and the amount of capital her Majesty holds for the use and usefulness of the First Nation or its First Nation members. Seventeen years later, 58 of Canada`s 615 recognized First Nations are working under their own land management systems developed by the NMLF regime. Sixty other First Nations have ratified the framework agreement and are developing land codes and assuming land management powers. Many other First Nations have expressed interest in joining the NMLN and are seeking the agreement of Confederation. Initiatives and projects Initiatives supporting agricultural and environmental programs, service delivery, decision-making and legislation by the eligible beneficiary, as agreed in the First Nation`s Land Management Framework Contract and ratified by the First Nations Land Management Act.