Description:- Support your AppleCare colleagues around the world by asking questions about the AppleCare protection plan and other related support agreements – process maintenance requests with different internal tools. Contract maintenance includes DOP updates, coverage/ownership transfer, etc. – the field and fall back on written and language requests for agreements and warranty issues to the relevant division. – Cooperation with agents in Apple contact centers around the world, to solve complex contract issues by phone and chat.- Exemptions document/log support and problem solving on a case-by-case basis with different tools.- Contact customers by phone or email and do research to do research, research, research, and carelessness. to help contracts.- Support Apple contracts, including APP, AC and other agreements.- Work from your home office with end-users and resellers to ensure a complete solution to our customers.- Be responsible for monitoring the daily workload.- Keep to a minimum the team production requirements set by management. – Track and report system problems that could result in customer luck or service production. What do we do in our department? As an administrative consultant, you work from home in a dynamic and rapidly changing department. As consultants, we are committed to providing support options, assistance in registering and resolving our customers` problems with all the contractual support options that Apple offers. Does this sound like the challenge you`re looking for? Do you think you have the key skills? If so, read more about the role and we`d be happy to hear from you. Education: Diploma or qualified diploma is beneficial, but no requirement to work Summary: Every day, people do amazing things at Apple. This is an opportunity to do an important job by helping customers tremendously and committing to making Apple an iconic technology company. ZERO ZERO ZERO Work/Life Balance.

Execs have been saying for years that they will understand and do better. But in reality, it gets worse every year! This is obviously top management LIP SERVICE, because if they thought so, they could fix it tomorrow. They have hundreds of trillions in the bank. If they were really concerned with the work-life balance of the employees, they could bring the right number of people on board to resolve this issue. Sick of hearing the lies. Don`t lie about the fact that they want to fix it when they clearly don`t care at Apple, new ideas have a way to quickly become phenomenal products, services and customer experiences. Bring passion and dedication to your work and there is no statement about what you could accomplish. They put a command warning. You will receive your job offers tomorrow morning. Additional requirements: What are the conditions for working from home? As this is an At-Home Advisor position, we can only consider your application if you are currently in the whole Republic of Ireland. There is not a lot of flexibility in terms of working time and if you are not able to work overtime, it is reprehensible We work with geniuses – in each department, we create innovative products that excite our customers and create new categories of products – who else can say that? Key Qualifications: `Fluency` in German and English-1-2 years of experience in an assistance/assistance environment or equivalent experience-Analysis and details-Strong social skills-Can find ways to improve processes and develop solutions that target causes-The ability to communicate effectively with all types of situations and clients (internal and external) – Responding to the demands of work in a domestic role (see below)