DirectV Streaming online is marred by problems. If you find something you like on the guide page and click the button to play it online via a PC or laptop, the “Play” feature doesn`t work in about 50% of the time. I tried everything (disconnection and reintegration, update of the guide page, etc.) without success. I think it`s still a beta version that hasn`t been completed yet. We really can`t rely on streaming services, at least not in 2017. In any case, there is a complaint against Direct TV for fraudulent collusion and billing. It seems that Directv CANNOT offers me the agreement to make available the agreement that I signed with them two years ago. They state that they indicate in their agreement that they can automatically renew my contract if my services are suspended for a certain period of time. That`s exactly what happened to me. I was told that my account was closed because the technician could not install services, but DIRECT TV charged me for the installation of a plate and a spirit, which is false.

You have never installed devices – ALL false charges. I have called her unsuccessfully for the past six months. The rehearsals keep pushing me from one department to another. I recently received an invoice from a collection office for services and equipment that have never been installed. It ruins my creditworthiness. There must be something!!! I am more than angry, angry, sad, etc. I feel like it affects my health when I call Direct TV/AT&T day after day, waiting for hours without solving their false accusations. They say they installed the equipment in my apartment where I had Comcast since April 2017!!! I offered to provide them with my Comcast statements, but it falls on deaf ears! I do not intend to pay these erroneous fees, but how do I convince the collection office? I closed my account at directv almost a year ago, and every month they take $175 from my bank account. It won`t get me anywhere. Directv customer for about 15 years. The service was good.

Every year in August, I call them and they reduce my bill by about 20% because they are a loyal customer. I got Sunday Ticket Max for about $100 a year, which is a saving of over $200. The image quality on my 65″ plasma is very good. The cost without my annual discounts is high, but the discounts make the fees bearable. They promised me 25.0 loading speed and I only have 6.9 and now they charge me 50 dollars a day when I use the internet or don`t use it, they never told me that since the beginning, it should be 115 unlimited internet and cancel the optimo mas TV package now, they want $380.00. What can I help you In the last two days I have called 24 times. Seventeen of them were hooked on me by the system that transferred me to a superior. 6 Of them, I spoke to superiors in all departments, who told me, basically, that I am sorry, but nothing I can do against my problem (the problem I will address in an instant). Once, I was put on a line that rang for 30 minutes. I even went until I contacted &t directly to be told, sorry call directly tv…. My problem is yesterday1/23/18 at 8:30 am, I was sold internet, home phone and cable for $80. I was promised a free HBO for life and $300 in Visa reward cards.