Iconophobic: Satire, bizarre phobias and embryonic love

Iran, Tehran – Rock music is of course not rooted in Iran, but the enticement within the genre has strikingly pierced Salim Ghazi Saeedi’s heart in his hometown. Living in a country with total domination of traditional culture, Salim has globally released his 4th album, Iconophobic. An album as a “strong statement from Saeedi on life in his home city of Tehran” (Steven Reid, Sea of Tranquility webzine, Sep 2010) or let’s say “a stream of conscious story without words.” (Christy Claxton, Stave Magazine, Sep 2010 )

Iconophobic is an instrumental concept album on “fear of the world of imagery”, composed and performed for electric guitar, bass and synthesizers by Salim, hiring various elements of classical, electronic and progressive rock music to communicate artist’s extreme feelings: Satire, bizarre phobias, ecstatic joy and embryonic love are themes of this daydream…

“Pictorial rock”, Salim says “is a term I use for my music that is usually based on series of mental images, a nightmare or maybe dreams of a sound sleep…” In this regard the album is accompanied by visualizations. “… However that as a listener, you have to wait for the pictures to materialize in your mind!” Salim adds. The album is available for purchase at www.salimworld.com . Salim is currently preparing this album for performance with a medium-sized band.

Track Listing
1. Composer’s Laughter
2. A Satire on Hell
3. And My Heart Aches Like 100 Aching Hearts
4. Asiyeh
5. The Songful Song of Songbirds
6. Transcend Ecstasy with Ecstasy
7. Don’t You See the Cheerful Rainbow
8. Music is Haram
9. Dance in Solitude
10. Eternal Melancholy Of Loving Women
11. Give my Childhood Back
12. Breast-Milk
13. I am Beautiful, Are You Beautiful?

Rock Pictòrico

Yo sueño … y sueño … y sueño …
Yo vivo en mi mundo de fantasía.
Caminando por este mundo, yo compongo escuchando, y descanso cuando me callo.

Rock pictórico es un término que utilizo para mi música que generalmente se basa en una serie de imágenes mentales, una pesadilla o tal vez sueños de un sueño profundo … Como oyente, ¡tienes que esperar que las imágenes se materialicen en tu mente!

Algunas críticas han comparado su sonido a Univers Zero, Art Zoyd, John Zorn, Patrick O’Hearn, Mike Oldfield, Sufjan Stevens and The Enid, Djam Karet and Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, David Bedford, Richard Pinhas, ZNR, Mecano, Present, Aranis. La revista Harmonie ha comparado su manera de tocar la guitarra a Robert Fripp de la banda King Crimson.

Yo compongo en los géneros que van desde el metal progresivo y jazz fusión al rock de cámara clásico de vanguardia y el rock electrónico progresivo y RIO. Además algunas críticas, prefieren el “art rock” e identifican en su música un enfoque minimalista. (referencias)

Salim Ghazi Saeedi
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